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Video Portfolio

A selection of our videos showing some of our work.

While the videos you see here are pretty much all in a horizontal format,
we are able to render vertical videos and square videos which are more suited to social media.

Wennington Hall Event Video

We recorded a Big Reveal Event hosted by James' Places to promote the wedding venue Wennington Hall, Lancashire.

Impact Computing | Lewis

A short interview of an employee at Impact Computing for Meet the Team

A product video for Hawkshead Brewery called Session Hazy

A product video we've made showcasing the very tasty 'Session Hazy' brewed by Hawkshead Brewery.

As it's a short video, this style is great for a Video Ad perhaps for LinkedIn or Instagram.

The Bridgewater Menswear

A promotional video of The Bridgewater Menswear showroom, Colne, Lancashire showing inside the shop and the gentleman's attire available to hire or rent for any occasion and has received thousands of views on the shop's social media.

Streetlife - Short Interview

Tony, from Streetlife, Blackpool, explains to us that in helping to re-home some young people, from time to time he comes across some very sad and tragic events.

While we made a main video for Streetlife, we felt this to be a rather poignant piece of footage that deserved a video in its own right.

Ascent Academy | DISC Profiles

This is one of four videos we made for the Ascent-Academy who talk about their work with DISC profiles.

For the website the videos are in a 1:1 format at the request of the client with a different video on each of the page pertinent to that particular subject.

The Royal Lancashire Show

We had the pleasure of recording the official video for the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show.

Wanting to keep the video short and engaging, we've only included short clips of the many different things that were going on in order to include as much as possible. Great for posterity of what was a great weekend and great for promoting shows in years to come!

Business Gift UK - Travel Cup

Another product video we recorded of the Americano Renew Insulated Tumbler 350ml from as exhibited at a recent Expo.

Again short, but eye catching which is great for social media.

Smooth Hound Barber Shop

This is a promo video that we made quite a while ago now to showcase a shop in Blackpool, Lancashire and vintage barbering at its best. And while it's not a new recording, we are still very fond of it and still want to show it on our website.

Drone / Aerial Videos

Wareing Buildings | Drone promo

Drone Videography

Aerial footage montage

More  information about the video making process

We always like to ask for a video specification from a client before visiting site in terms of what is it they want and how they intend to use the video going forward. We also find it useful to request an example of something they have seen online that they like and might have inspired them to create their own video. This last point is very useful as it usually gives us an insight into the style, speed and mood of the video required and helpful to allow us to meet a client's expectations.

Whilst we will do our best on site to ensure that what is being recorded will look good in the final edit, the client should ensure that they are happy themselves first and foremost with the presentation of their site prior to it being recorded i.e. to check the product or environment beforehand. It’s got to look good and be tidy! No-one wants to see a stack of boxes over in the corner. And we believe that this environment, within which the recording is to take place, plays an important role in the video, like an unseen character and should look as good as it can possibly be.

The weather is also important when it comes to the amount of light required for obtaining good video footage. When recording both internally and externally, we would always recommend that the recording dates are made with this in mind and to avoid days with rain and high wind in order to make the video look its best. The client should also ensure that everyone on the site has no objection to either being recorded or to us walking around actually making the recording, so in some instances we might ask for a model release form to be signed.

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