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How much does a video cost? Well it all depends....
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How we price our videos

We get asked, 'How much does video production cost?' or 'Is it expensive to make a video?' Well it all depends on what is required but one thing we do know is that we like to think of ourselves as being affordable when compared to other video production companies.

Some people are under the illusion that after recording all the footage, back at the office the video simply falls out of the camera, music gets added to it and it's done. Not at all. We would say that it is back at the office where the video work really starts. As the expression goes, it's all in the edit.

First the boring bit

A video can be as short or as long as a client wants depending on how and where it is to be used. We base our fixed price quotes on how long we anticipate a project will take from start to finish, based on a client's requirements and include any other additional expenses that may be required. So the less complex the video, the lower the cost.

And because every project is different this means that generic prices are a little bit tricky, in the same way that a builder doesn't have a price for 'building a house' given the infinite number of variables there are. For us the variables that affect the cost include the length of video required, the number of locations to be visited or the number of site visits that might be required to name just a few.

We should say that we always give a firm quotation on receipt of an official brief / specification anyway so it's always worth to make an enquiry but the following prices should allow a client to have an idea of likely costs.

What we include as standard

Concept and preparatory work
Travel to and from site
On site recording
Aerial footage if required
One operator on site
Licensed music where required
Editing in our style
Colour grading
Simple effects as necessary
One set of reasonable changes
Uploading to the cloud

Business, Promotional and Aerial video projects in NW England

One operator to visit site to record and obtain the footage
£250 / Day
Editing footage through to delivering the final video
£200 / Day

Wedding highlight videos Monday to Friday in the NW England

One operator to record and obtain the footage including
editing into a highlight video of the whole day
£800 / Video

Property videos in NW England

Property videos are more straightforward and therefore cheaper than corporate videos.
If you would like a property video, please contact us so we can discuss this in more detail
and deliver a video to suit your requirements.

Bespoke video content creation for your business

Is anyone else fed up with seeing a coffee cup online with a love heart in it purporting to be marketing material? It neither informs, educates or entertains in our opinion. And people pay good money for that too.

We can offer bespoke video recording/editing packages where we can visit a business, spend an agreed amount of time there, recording both preplanned and randomly taken footage that we can edit into an agreed number of micro-videos, all branded up with the client's business, including titles and licensed music that the business can release on their social media over a period of time.

Video marketing material, personalised and unique to a business, that can inform, educate and maybe even entertain!

If this is for you, please get in touch for a great deal.
Specific Requirements: £Variable
We can include the cost of additional requirements you might have within our quotation that might not be 'typical' such as:
  • Professional voice over / Props / Acting work
  • Specific motion graphics
  • Additional operators
  • Work outside the north west
  • Strange working hours
  • Multiple visits
We would always suggest that a client receives a minimum of three quotes for their project and that they talk to us first for their own and bespoke quotation but think in these times, commissioning a video has never been more relevant. After carrying out our own research we believe that our pricing is extremely competitive, hence we promote ourselves as being affordable.

We understand that a professional video might not be for suitable for every business, that's fine. We'll be the first to agree that recording and posting something from a 'phone can be just as effective for promotional purposes when used in the right context. At the end of the day it's all about the message that a business wants to convey to their viewers or customers that matters and what they are happy with.
What next?

For a client who wants to start their video journey with us, we would ask that they get in touch so that we can get collaborating and make a start on their epic, new production!  Or to learn even more beforehand, have a read of our Blog where we explain what we do before a shoot and what a client should be doing before commissioning a video. Thank you.
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