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We are Lancashire-based but will consider enquiries from any location.

Why should I use Dedrendr?

We started out with just a drone before moving on or should we say, down to ground-based videography and over the years have made videos for the hospitality industry, the construction industry, the property market, various businesses in the service industry, the retail sector and entertainment industry.

Each video we are commissioned to produce presents its own unique challenge which keeps things interesting and keeps us on our toes meaning no two days are ever the same. And we like that.

Regardless of genre, we believe that everything we produce should be both interesting and entertaining for the viewer no matter what the subject matter. At the end of the day the video that we produce for a client is in essence an advert for their business which needs to reflect that and showcase what they do.

We like to say that every video we produce should be at least as good as, or better than, our previous video.

How does the whole video making process work?

number 1
First of all we like to know why a client wants a video and what is is they want to achieve by having one. For example, is it the intention of the video to solely promote the business or brand? Or is it to help promote a new product, service or forthcoming event?

We also like to know how they intend to use it and the different platforms they intend to post it on.
The next stage is to agree on a concept with a client. They might have seen a video online already that they like which can help steer us in the direction and style that they are looking for to ensure that their final video is what they envisage.

Videos can take many different formats from educational and training all the way through to full on advertising.
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The next step is to visit the site to record the footage at a mutually convenient time bearing in mind that both light and the weather play an important role in order to make a video look its best.

In addition we can't stress enough how important the environment is in which the footage is to be recorded, as the camera picks up a lot of detail that might detract from the main focus of the scene.
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Once recorded, back at the office we will back-up and review the footage, selecting clips that we intend to use for the editing process which is where the real work starts and takes up the most time.

We will spend time choosing and adding text if specified, looking for and choosing licensed music in most cases, creating titles, editing logos etc with the final product being delivered via a download link due to the size of the file.
Siteflight at an expo
In addition to our business promotional videos, that might be more suited to a website, we can also produce content specifically for social media. For example, content could be produced to convey a simple message about a business update or something newsworthy that has happened recently. Maybe a business has a special offer that they want advertising or has recently started offering a new product or service.

For content creation generally we could spend an element of time at a client's premises recording a multitude of things that could be packaged up into a series of short social media posts that the client could release over a period of time taking away some of the headache of wondering what to create.
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